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Note to My Younger Self

You're so goddamned beautiful.

You have power.

Power within.

Power to act in your world with agency and grace.

You are evolving, growing like a green leaf.

You are an evolving part of the evolving human race.

So much pain is coming...

and you know what?

You'll be fine.

You will shape it; it will shape you.

You will hold it; it will hold you.

You will release it; it will release you.

The same could be said of beauty.

I trust you.

I trust your decisions.

They will lead you all the way to...


And I'll be waiting for you, love.

You can spill yourself forward into my arms

like a waterfall,

like a stumbling child,

like a prairie bouquet.

I can't wait to catch you!

I got you, sweet pea.

You got this.

By Heather Frayne

August 2019

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