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Ode to Cold Lake

O! Morning Lake

with your fat dollop

of glinty meringue!

You have roused me

sun angling through the

back window of my dreams

for a dip -

or shall I say a gasp?

- a fast, breath-stealing

dive-glide dunk and turn

(and did I mention I was naked at the time?)

Diagonal bias lines

your hem ripples and curls

like pastry crust folded

over and over the round edge of the bay

This scrumptious

mixed metaphor

blue fabric

lake pie!

I wanna eat you up and then

wipe my mouth of your sweet

sandy summer crumbs

The sun collects

your orbed rhinestones from my skin

one by one while I wait

for you to tell me:

Where else could I be so richly


(and disrobed)?


and fed?

By Heather Frayne

August 2020

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